Cancer treatment/FAI- Knee Replacements

I began to work with Emily a few years ago. I was 76 years old, overweight, and suffering from Arthritis. I started some serious diet and exercise with Emily, and lost around 30 lbs over the course of several months. Then I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Emily was the best therapy that I had during my treatment. I am now cured, and still working with Emily - six days a week. I always feel better after working out. She is an amazing coach and can deliver encouragement in person, on FaceTime, or on Zoom. We can work out in a gym, at my house, in the yard, or at a park. All have their benefits. And it never gets boring or routine. I try to never miss a session. I am stronger and healthier than ever. And in better shape than I have been in a long time.

Emily has created a set of routines for me than build strength and endurance, but also make every day activities more comfortable. Like getting up off the floor, or standing up from a chair. Arthritis doesn't go away on its own, and she is very conscious of what might hurt and what might help, and always guides me to do things that do nothing but help. And she can address virtually any shortcoming or disability that you might have.

Jon W.

Pregnancy/General Fitness  

Although Emily challenges me physically, she is always encouraging and never condescending. Personally, I do not respond to the tough love/bootcamp style of training, which I have experienced in the past. That said, Emily definitely has made me push myself in ways that I have not done in the past with other trainers and could not do on my own. In addition to the physicality of our meetings, I thoroughly enjoy the injection of positive energy and attitude, and our thoughtful, engaging conversations.

I started training because I wanted to get healthier and feel stronger; changing my body was not my primary goal, but a nice bonus. After a month, I continued to train because I liked training outside and I enjoyed doing exercises with various props that I hadn't done before. Since then, aside from the personal connection that we have, I continued and will continue to train because I enjoy seeing the progress in my strength and confidence in my own body.

Jessica T.

General Fitness

Emily is a seasoned personal trainer with solid expertise in body kinetics. She begins by working together to set personal goals and fitness targets. One of the ways she does this is by focusing on specific muscle groups and their relationships to other parts of the body, encouraging development of areas that need strengthening. Our sessions are never boring or repetitive, and quantifiable results are satisfying to experience. In addition, she can tailor a home workout to encourage on-going practice.

One of the many talents that sets Emily apart is her skill, really an innate talent, for observing how even a nuanced shift in the body’s stance can position you effectively for an optimal workout. She has a keen perception about how your body is moving through a particular challenge (a lift, weight, crunch, squat), and can intuit your level of exertion or fatigue. She does this with humor and charm, being encouraging rather than browbeating. With

Emily, you can be assured she is fully engaged when she is with you and that your workout is specifically designed for you. She will even contact me outside of our sessions to follow up on specific issues or to recommend rest or a massage. She has a wealth of resources at her fingertips, and generous about sharing these.

Emily is a remarkable intuitive and deeply knowledgeable about all aspects of health and training. A workout with Emily can carry across to all aspects of life: well-being, career, personal interactions, diet, in sum, general health.

I continue to train with Emily after almost three years because I have never fully accomplished my fitness goals and I know she is helping me on the road to improved health. I wanted to work with someone who understands what it’s like to balance career and family and the stressors of both. Emily has encouraged me to be single-minded in my focus and not let small lapses derail my progress or affect my spirit. I am thrilled with my increased flexibility and strength and the confidence that comes with both

Marian K.

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