Functional Fitness Trainer & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Emily Gregg-Speden

I became a fitness trainer in 2000 after experiencing and witnessing some of the challenges that people with unique needs can face in a gym environment. I realized that the gym can be an uncomfortable place for first-timers, those who are getting back into fitness, and for people with injuries or medical conditions that prohibit certain types of exercise. I decided to show my clients that gyms don’t have to be intimidating and that improving their physical fitness shouldn’t be a stressful burden.

Twenty years later, I’m continually inspired by each of my clients and the challenges that they overcome on a daily basis. I live for the moment when I can see in my client’s eyes that they “get it,” whether it’s the exercise move, the nutrition concept, or the life lesson. At that moment, they have discovered how they can improve their life and I love helping them throughout that process.

I enjoy providing creative, fun, and functional workouts and holistic lifestyle guidance with an emphasis on injury prevention and stress management. I believe educating clients about the fundamentals of fitness and personal health is the key to helping them make better-informed decisions about their lifestyle and motivates them to achieve their goals.



My experience includes working with all ages, fitness levels and abilities, including:

  • Post-physical therapy injury or illness recovery
  • Adaptive training for chronic health concerns
  • Pre/Post natal
  • Pre/Post Menopause
  • Senior mobility and strength training
  • Stress management and emotional health during major life events
Whether it’s training for a triathlon, improving your golf game, or wanting to feel healthier and more comfortable, I will assist you in setting sustainable goals and motivate you to achieve them, even when life feels like it’s getting in the way.