I offer a variety of services, each tailored to your needs. Together, we’ll discuss your goals and decide what type of program is best for you. In the drop down menus below, you can find information on each of my services. Take a look, then contact me. We’ll get you moving towards your goal!

Lifestyle Coaching

Private 30-60 minute sessions that focus on your life stressors and healthy, sustainable ways to alleviate them. From dealing with the craziness of everyday life to coping with major life events, these sessions provide you with the knowledge and tools to prevent stress from ruling your life.

Most people focus on physical fitness and counting calories when it comes to “health.” However, those elements only focus on your physical needs and goals. Many forget that mental and emotional wellbeing are just as important for holistic health and wellness.

During these sessions, we will work to identify your stressors, build a sustainable wellness plan that can include fitness and nutrition, and help you progress toward your goals regardless of what life throws at you. Some of the areas we will focus on include: restful sleep, stress management, healthy relationships, work-life balance, and many more!


Your health and wellness extend beyond exercise and physical fitness.

Why Holistic Coaching?
Whereas some fitness or nutrition programs may focus solely on your physical health, the holistic approach examines all the facets of your life that can contribute to your physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing. Holistic coaches understand that all parts of your life are intimately interconnected and that reaching your goals can require more than just diet and exercise. Holistic programs are unique to each person and adapt as the factors influencing you change.

My holistic approach focuses on a combination of Strength, Nutrition, and Lifestyle coaching. While each client’s program is tailored differently, my desire to help you reach your goals remains the same. I want to see you, understand your stressors and concerns, and work with you to improve multiple facets of your life so that you can become healthier and more comfortable.

Everything is Connected
Below I’ve listed some of the most common areas in which my clients face challenges.

• Stress Management
• Sleep
• Nutrition
• Hydration
• Physical Fitness
• Healthy Relationships
• Work-Life Balance

Do you find yourself stressed out and succumbing to unhealthy habits? We’ll examine each of these areas together to get a full understanding of your motivators and stressors and to set sustainable goals for your overall wellness.

Please visit my Strength, Nutrition, and Lifestyle pages for more detailed information on each of those programs and how they intersect to create a holistic program.

For more information about my lifestyle coaching philosophy and techniques, please visit the Lifestyle page, or feel free to contact me.

Personal Training

Innovative sessions designed to motivate and push you toward your goals. You can train individually, with a friend, or in a small group of people you know. Your training format depends on the type of environment you find most comfortable.

One-on-one training focused on your specific needs and goals. These 30-90 minute sessions combine strength, endurance, and flexibility exercises to help improve your movement patterns. Each session can be adjusted to fit how your body is feeling that day. Completely private sessions are available.

Is Private Training Right for Me?
The privacy and attention to detail provided during a private training session work well for people:

• Returning to exercise after a long break
• Recovering from injury or illness
• Looking to maintain a specific schedule
• Desiring privacy

You and a friend share training times. Generally, both people are working towards the same goal. These 30-60 minute sessions are developed to suit all clients, including modifications for each exercise. The program will include individual and paired exercises that combine strength, endurance, and flexibility. This type of training is a great way to encourage your friends and get fit together!

Is Partner Training Right for Me?
Partner training works best for those who enjoy:

• Working towards a common goal with a training companion
• Staying on track by supporting and encouraging each other

**Please Note: For this training to be effective and efficient, each participant must be able to commit to specific training times agreed upon by everyone in the session as well as the instructor.

Three to six friends working towards the same goal. Small group classes can be altered depending on what the group wants to work on, whether that’s strength, endurance, or flexibility. Workouts can range from low to high intensity; however, during each session, I provide exercise modifications or alternatives to accommodate injuries, limited mobility, and level of experience.

Is Small Group Training Right for Me?
Small Group Training works best for groups of people who:

• Enjoy working out with each other
• Need some guidance, but are generally comfortable with basic exercises

**Please Note: For this training to be effective and efficient, every participant must be able to commit to specific training times

Dynamic and energizing place to move and get some energy out! Open to all levels, but if you are new, please come to class 10 minutes early so I can discuss movements with you. Sessions vary from gentle to high intensity, but each class includes modified and alternate exercises to accommodate injuries, limited mobility, and experience level.

Are Group Classes Right for Me?
Group Classes are most helpful for individuals who are:

• Comfortable and motivated in a community atmosphere
• Looking for a challenge
• Confident exercising with limited guidance or supervision

**Please Note: For this training to be effective and efficient, every participant must be able to commit to pre-published class schedules.

These 30-90 minute tailored sessions range from fundamentals to techniques for competitive and distance events. Each session focuses on your body’s performance that day as well as overall progression towards your swimming goals.

**Please note, these sessions have required homework. Your progress will depend upon your ability to practice in between sessions.

How Can Swimming Lessons Help Me?

• The range of instruction available during these lessons makes them ideal for:
• First time swimmers
• Those looking to get back into swimming after a long break
• Swimmers with injuries, limited mobility, or other medical conditions

For more information about these lessons, please contact me

For more information on my approach to fitness, please visit the Strength page, or feel free to contact me.

Nutrition Coaching

Informative 30-60 minute sessions about what to eat, when to eat, and why different foods are important at different times of the day. We’ll discuss cravings, emotional triggers, and strategies to help stay on track with healthy eating. During these tailored sessions, we will focus on improving your relationship with food, discussing your progress, and identifying any triggers that are challenging you.

Everyone can improve their relationship with food and increase their knowledge of how to best fuel their bodies. However, this program is especially effective for those who are:

• Learning about nutrition for the first time
• Looking to get back on track with their nutrition after a long break
• Emotional/Stressful eaters
• Struggling to maintain a healthy diet
• Bored with their regular circulation of weeknight recipes
• Searching for a better alternative to eating out all the time

For more information on my nutrition program, please visit the Nutrition page, or feel free to contact me.

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