Our bodies need different things based on a range of factors including age, physiology, activity levels, genetics, and stress level. Let me help you create a nutrition plan that’s sustainable, flexible, and supports your unique needs. 


Everybody has different needs, and nutrition is an essential part of your health and wellness program. 

One Diet Does Not Fit All
Are you curious about the differences between Keto, Paleo, Whole 30, Intermittent Fasting, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and all the other diets out there? Does trying to figure out the right diet for you feel a bit overwhelming? 

I can help you understand what will work for you. With certifications in both Precision Nutrition and Paul Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, I’m well equipped to understand your goals and current nutrition profile and can coach you to achieve your health and wellness objectives. While I’m not a medical nutritionist, we can work with your doctor and other medical professionals to help design a program that aligns with your ongoing treatment.

Food Fundamentals
My nutrition program includes a variety of services that go beyond simply calculating calories. Together, we will discuss your nutrition and create a menu plan that will work for your lifestyle and fitness goals. My objective during these sessions is to equip you with the nutritional information necessary to make well-informed choices about your diet while coaching you toward a healthier relationship with food. 

We’ll discuss what’s worked well (and not so well) for you in the past, as well as any food restrictions or sensitivities. Then we’ll discuss strategies for the upcoming week or month including:

• Menu plans (micro/macro breakdowns) 
• Grocery lists and shopping planning
• Food log analysis and troubleshooting for next week

In addition to these items, I can provide you with more personalized services such as menu recommendations, food prep services, and grocery store field trips to learn where the healthy foods live. 

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